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Hilda (aka Lila)

Hilda was originally adopted as a kitten in late 2014. Unfortunately, a child in her family is allergic to Hilda.

Her family called her Lila. This is what they said about her:
“Lila is a sweet cat who loves to be rubbed and petted. Be careful when you stop because she will try to grab your hand so you will keep going! She loves to lay by a window or by your side. She meows only when she is hungry. She loves to run around the house but she has never been outside. Lila loves dry food but likes to have a can of wet food with gravy or meat at 6pm.”
ADOPTED 11.22.19!
She was well fed! Her new family could help her lose some weight. 😉
Hilda’s kitten picture from September 2014.

Pet Details

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