Hitch is a young, DSH white and brown tabby female, possibly about a year old. She is sweet as can be and full of personality.

She had been seen wandering around the State Gamelands at 45th St SW and Fox Farm Rd for a few days. One evening a kind man stopped to check his mail, heard a rustling, and saw Hitch trying to run through the tall weeds towards him. Much to his surprise, she jumped into his car after just a few pets and decided to hitch a ride to safety. No longer will she have to worry about surviving the foxes, coyotes, eagles, and hawks, or the traffic speeding down Fox Farm Road.

She was previously spayed and is very friendly so we believe she had a family and was a beloved pet to someone at some point. We’re not sure how she ended up at the Gamelands, but it is not uncommon for people to trap and dump cats who are allowed to free roam.

ADOPTED 9/15/21!!

Photo taken at Petsmart August 28, 2021

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Pet Details

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