Meet Hollie, the one-year-old pale orange tabby with a heart full of warmth. Hollie’s journey began as a tiny kitten, discovered alongside her siblings in a shop. Despite her humble beginnings, Hollie has blossomed into a gentle soul, a little shy initially, but she possesses a courageous spirit that sets her apart from her brothers.

This sweet feline thrives in tranquil environments and would be most content in a quiet home where her serene nature can shine. Hollie is currently in a foster home, sharing her space with fellow feline companions and a calm, small dog. Her affectionate nature and easygoing personality make her a delightful addition to any household seeking a loving and undemanding companion.

Remember, Hollie is best suited to a home without young children, as she appreciates the peace and serenity that a more mature setting offers. If you’re seeking a loving, pale orange tabby to brighten your days, Hollie might be the purrfect match for you.

22-165 Hollie
Hollie’s baby picture from January 2023
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