This beautiful Torbi Scottish Fold was living near The Ivy (formerly Missouri River Manor). She was spotted hanging out in some outbuildings and brush piles. A game camera captured her with a little family of three kittens. As of October 17, two of the kittens had been trapped and re-united with Iliana. A week later the other kittens were found and trapped!

Adopted 12.12.2020

Iliana, mother of Ziva, Zola and Zina, found her furrever home. She  and two of her previous fur babies had been abandoned outside in a carrier😿! But we have a happy ending here. Thank you Hollee and Tim for coming back again and adopting this sweet girl from us.🐾🐾🐈💞
Here’s mama with her three kittens. All kittens were found, trapped and rescued!


Pet Details

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