🐾 Meet Isaac! 🖤

Isaac is a charming black male kitten with a story that began on the streets of Simms, Montana. This little adventurer found his way to us and has been winning hearts ever since! With his sleek fur and bright eyes, Isaac’s playful demeanor matches his friendly nature. He’s a social butterfly, always eager to make new friends. If there’s a conversation to be had, count Isaac in—he’s quite the talkative fellow!

This little guy has a knack for melting hearts with his outgoing personality. His love for people is undeniable, and he’s always up for some quality human interaction. Whether it’s playing with toys or curling up for cuddles, Isaac’s affectionate spirit shines through.

While Isaac’s enthusiasm for life is infectious, it’s important to note that he’s best suited for a home without children under the age of six. For the safety and well-being of both Isaac and young children, we’re looking for a loving family or individual who can appreciate Isaac’s zest for life and give him the attention and care he deserves.

Are you ready to bring home a bundle of joy who’s ready to brighten up your days? Come meet Isaac and let this charming little feline steal your heart! Adoption doesn’t just change their life—it changes yours too. 

Pet Details

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