Trailer courts can sometimes be a perfect place for a homeless cat to find food and shelter.  If they are fortunate, kind people will come in and fix them. I came from such a place.   The Pet Paw-See had made a commitment with the people of this trailer court to trap and fix as many homeless cats as they could find.  Our mama had us before she could get fixed.  Because we are young and able to be taught that humans are pretty fun to be around, we got lucky and were brought into the Pet Paw-See program.

Like all kittens, we are playful and full of mischief.  We are also learning to be loving companions.  Stay tuned to learn what our personalities are like as we get more comfortable in our foster home.

Please contact the Pet Paw-See if you’d like to meet me. And keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when I might be at an adoption event.

Gentle reminder that it is Pet Paw-See policy that no kitten under the age of six months old is adopted to a family with children under the age of six years old. It’s for the safety of both the kitten and the children.




Pet Details

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