I started out my life as a kitten living with my brother Julien on a farm.  But it wasn’t safe for us there so we were taken in by some nice people to live in their barn.  They kept us safe and helped us grow into loving cats.

It’s tough to be a long-haired cat living outside. And although we were happy on the farm, we knew that there was a different life out there for us. One day our big break came and we moved to town and joined the Pet Paw-See.

I’m a beautiful girl about six months old. I’ve got these great little tufts of gray hair coming out of my ears. How cute is that?!? I’m the brave one. I may be smaller, but I’m the first to investigate what is going on. I love being petted which triggers a loud purr. And I’m happy to snuggle too. I’ve lived with other cats and there was a dog on the farm. So I should be able to adapt to new furry friends. I can’t wait for a forever, indoor home of my very own.

Adopted April 13, 2021

Pet Details

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