Jasper Rhys

🐾 Meet Jasper Rhys: The Bringer of Treasure 🐾

Jasper Rhys, a little male treasure, came into our rescue’s care in the late summer, born to a life of uncertainty and hardship. He was found outside, alone, and in dire need of help. His cries were a plea for a better life, a life filled with love and warmth.

Jasper’s name, which means “bringer of treasure,” suits him perfectly, for he truly is a gem waiting to enrich your life. This little guy has faced adversity but hasn’t lost his playful spirit. He’s a bundle of joy, always ready to explore and entertain.

One of Jasper’s favorite pastimes is chasing a catnip mouse with a bell. The jingling sound seems to awaken the adventurer in him, as he pounces and leaps with infectious enthusiasm. His playful antics are sure to fill your home with laughter and love.

Jasper Rhys is looking for a forever home, but with a special consideration. For the safety and well-being of both the child and the kitten, we are seeking potential adopters without children under the age of six. Jasper deserves a safe and comfortable environment where he can thrive, and we’re committed to ensuring that he finds the perfect match.

If you’re ready to open your heart to a playful and loving feline companion and can provide a secure, child-free environment, Jasper Rhys could be the treasure you’ve been searching for. He is currently in a foster home so contact us to meet him.

Pet Details

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