Introducing Jasper, the charming tuxedo male kitten! 🐾

Jasper’s story is one of resilience and hope. He and his brother were discovered at a landfill, but now he’s on a journey to find his forever home. Although a bit shy at first, Jasper is blossoming in a loving foster home where he’s learning to trust humans.

This little guy has a playful spirit that’s impossible to resist! He’s absolutely smitten with springs and all sorts of kitten toys. Plus, he’s getting the hang of responding to the sweet call of “here kitty, kitty.”

For the safety and well-being of both Jasper and any potential adopter, we kindly request that families with children under the age of six consider other wonderful feline friends for adoption. Jasper is ready to bring joy and love into the life of a caring family. Could your home be the one he’s been searching for? 💕 #AdoptJasper

I’m growing up to be such a handsome man in a tuxedo!
Jasper’s baby picture!
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