Kitty Noir

Jethro and his brother Salem have come back to the Pet Paw-see through no fault of their own. These handsome two-year olds were returned due to a family separation. We are sad when this happens to anyone, but especially for our furry friends who have no idea why their lives have suddenly changed. Both boys are friendly and sweet. Jethro is a little smaller than Salem and is wearing  a red collar to help us differentiate the several black cats hanging out currently at PETCO. If you’d like to meet Salem, Jethro, or any other Pet Paw-see feline, please contact us!


black kitten
My baby photo from May 2017!

Jethro’s Original Bio from May 2017: Jethro is an independent explorer. He loves to check out any new toy or paper bag or just anything. You can tell Jethro by the few whisps of white on his chest. Otherwise, he is all black, which he feels goes with everything. He is a handsome lad, ready to win your heart. He is current on his shots and has been neutered.

Pet Details

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