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Why did the kittens visit Carl’s Auto Repair Shop? Because their car-purr-retors were broken! 😹

OK…maybe not quite, but when these five tiny felines showed up at Carl’s Auto Repair in August 2019, there was no doubt that they were in desperate need of help. Juliette, the trailblazer, had been found with her front leg pinned under a wooden pallet, and an employee called Pet Paw See for help. After rescuing Juliette, Pet Paw See suspected there may be more kittens and sure enough, they hit the kitten jackpot and trapped FOUR more of Juliette’s siblings (Jade, Jessa, Jensen, and Josephine)! These beauties were only around five weeks old when found, and had been born feral—with little to no human contact. (Their feral mom was trapped, spayed, and returned to live out her life.) Although very skittish at first, their doting foster momma has showered them with love and affection and showed them that these bald bipeds with fur only on their heads (AKA: humans!) aren’t so bad after all! Their foster mom reports that their little engines never stop purring and that their personalities have started to blossom and will surely continue to grow with the right families. These gorgeous girls will thrive in quiet, adult-only homes with pet parents who understand they may need a little extra love and reassurance that they are OK and safe. One of the kittens, Jade, has already been adopted and has acclimated flawlessly to her new home life!

Josephine—Miss Congeniality

I’m the tiniest, but what I lack in size, I make up for in personality! When I hear our foster mom come home, I hop up in the cat tree, ready to greet her and hear all about her day. I love her so much for saving us that I just can’t help but purr every time she looks at me. If you’re looking for an excellent friend, here I am, with an open heart and my listening ears ready!

Sweet Josephine, the Petsmart Habitat Door Greeter ♥️

Adopted February 13, 2021


These girls were born in late July 2019 and have been with Pet Paw-See since they were 5 weeks old! Let’s find these sisters a home of their own. ♥️


This is my bliss face!

Jessa, Josephine & Juliette



Jensen (left) hanging out with sister Josephine.

Pet Details

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