Hi Pet Paw-see friends!

I’m Julien, and you might remember me from a few weeks ago when I made my debut with my sister Jacqueline after we were rescued from a farm and journeyed to the “big city” of Great Falls in hopes of finding a fur-ever indoor home. We’re about six months old.

Well, today I have a rather unfortunate announcement. I’ve been diagnosed as FeLV positive. What is that you ask? Well, it’s a virus that weakens my immune system. It can predispose me to infections, anemia, and cancer. The course of the disease can be unpredictable from cat to cat. Some will sadly die from FeLV complications, some will fight off the disease and become immune to it, and others will simply be a carrier who can infect other cats but are otherwise healthy.

This is truly devastating to me because here I was thinking the best of my life is yet to come since I’ve been rescued, and now I fear everyone will shy away from adopting me with my FeLV diagnosis.

Whether I have a just a few years left or ten, it’s hard to tell, but what I do know is that I would love to spend every minute I have in the comfort of a forever home in the loving arms of my humans. Because of my diagnosis, I do have some special requirements:


🐾 A single pet household (though FeLV is not contagious to humans, dogs, or other non-felines, it is highly transmissible among cats)

🐾 Regular vet care to catch any potential issues related to my FeLV early

Sure, these caveats might make me a “little extra” as you humans like to say, but the Pet Paw-see folks say that I am worth it—they tell me I am the sweetest of the sweet and will melt your heart in seconds. I don’t like to brag, but I agree 😻.

They are all also heartbroken over my diagnosis, fearing that this will make it much harder to find me a home. However, they also know I would make a special someone the perfect companion, and they are hoping my guardian angel is out there somewhere just waiting to adopt a “special” kitty like me.

I’m boarded at Happy Tails so if you are interested in adopting and meeting me, call Pet Paw-see at 406-231-1132 to schedule a meet and greet! ADOPTION APPLICATION


Learn about a 21-year old cat with FeLV and some common misconceptions!

In 2007, the oldest cat at the Best Friends Sanctuary was positive for the feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Cybella, a Siamese, was – drum roll, please – 21-1/2 years old. Not only did she live a long life but an extremely happy life as well. Learn more and see pictures of Cybella.

Learn even more about FeLV…

A cat diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FeLV) is still an ADOPTABLE cat.

What, then, is FeLV?

FeLV is a virus that weakens a cat’s immune system, predisposing it to certain infections, severe anemia, and potentially leading to cancer. Most at risk are kittens born to FeLV positive mothers, cats under the age of one, cats living with an infected cat, and cats bitten by an infected cat if they’re allowed outside.

Although it is NOT transmittable to humans, dogs or other non-feline pets, before adopting a FeLV positive cat, ensure that you and your vet are “on the same page.” Whereas some vets warn against it, others are fully sympathetic and supportive of the idea. And these vets will be your best allies.

Of utmost importance, when adopting a FeLV positive cat, is to always keep that cat indoors — whether as your only cat or with other FeLV positive cats. Immediate spaying will prevent a female from giving birth to infected kittens. Some cats can even fight off the virus and become immune to it. Others can be healthy carriers that never get sick themselves but can still infect others. Read more …

Julien has been transferred to Animeals where he’ll have a better chance of finding his forever home!

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