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Adopted February 13, 2021

Why did the kittens visit Carl’s Auto Repair Shop? Because their car-purr-retors were broken! 😹

OK…maybe not quite, but when these five tiny felines showed up at Carl’s Auto Repair in August 2019, there was no doubt that they were in desperate need of help. Juliette, the trailblazer, had been found with her front leg pinned under a wooden pallet, and an employee called Pet Paw See for help. After rescuing Juliette, Pet Paw See suspected there may be more kittens and sure enough, they hit the kitten jackpot and trapped FOUR more of Juliette’s siblings (Jade, Jessa, Jensen, and Josephine)! These beauties were only around five weeks old when found, and had been born feral—with little to no human contact. Although very skittish at first, their doting foster momma has showered them with love and affection and showed them that these bald bipeds with fur only on their heads (AKA: humans!) aren’t so bad after all! Their foster mom reports that their little engines never stop purring and that their personalities have started to blossom and will surely continue to grow with the right families. These gorgeous girls will thrive in quiet, adult-only homes with pet parents who understand they may need a little extra love and reassurance that they are OK and safe. One of the kittens, Jade, has already been adopted and has acclimated flawlessly to her new home life!

Juliette—the Hero

My sisters call me the problem child, but what do they know! If it weren’t for me and my adventurous spirit, we may never have been rescued! My leg has fully recovered from my unfortunate run-in with that wood pallet and I motor around the house like nothing has ever happened to me. Ain’t nothin’ gonna hold me down! Oh, I’m also a fashionista! Have you seen me styling in my cute little white sweater that kept me from bothering my leg wound when I was still recovering? Runway modeling career, here I come!

These girls were born in late July 2019 and have been with Pet Paw-See since they were 5 weeks old! Let’s find these sisters a home of their own. ♥️

Juliette’s Original Bio: Meet Juliette … the newest addition to Pet Paw-See Rescue. In late August, (8.26.19) a very nice man rescued her at Carl’s Auto Care. Her front right leg was pinned between a wooden pallet and plastic milk crate. Her bottom was covered in her own urine and feces, meaning she had probably been stuck all weekend. Pet Paw-See received a call yesterday evening and she was taken to the emergency vet. They did x-rays and nothing looks broken or fractured. However, she does have nerve damage and most likely cannot feel anything in her leg since she just drags it. There is a possibility of the nerves coming back, but it’s not likely, and we may be looking at amputation in the future. She is about 5-6 weeks old and a whopping one pound. She is currently in a loving foster home who will work at getting her healthy and strong.

UPDATE 9.2.19 Yesterday morning, Juliette’s foster mom noticed something strange on Juliette’s hurt elbow. The foster mom looked closer and could see some sort of pus coming out. She was taken to the vet immediately and they shaved the area to take a closer look. They saw that her elbow had split open overnight due to the pressure of swelling from having it stuck in the wooden pallet a few days before. They ended up sedating her and stitching it back up. She now gets to wear a cute little kitten sweater while she heals to make sure she doesn’t mess with her switches. She’s in good spirits this morning and seems to be feeling better! The vet said she’s now able to feel in her leg, which is very good because there’s a better chance the nerves will recover and hopefully amputation will not be needed. She is still not using her paw the way she should, but time will tell!

UPDATE 9.16.19 Juliette is using her leg more and more! Such good news!

Hanging out at Petsmart.
Jessa, Josephine & Juliette


Did you know that when a cat or dog tongue is out like this it’s called a blep?
Juliette’s sweater will keep her from messing with her stitches.
After Juliette was rescued, the 4 of her siblings were found and humanely trapped. All five are lucky girls! Their mom, who is feral, was trapped and spayed and released to live out her life without having to raise kittens.

[cmsms_image align=”left” caption=”Photo taken 8.26.19. At first, we feared her front leg which had suffered nerve damage, might need to be amputated. Good news: She′s using it more and more every day!” link=”https://www.petpaw-see.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/19-138-Juliette-Vertical-Web.jpg” animation_delay=”0″]9446|https://www.petpaw-see.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/19-138-Juliette-Vertical-Web.jpg|full[/cmsms_image]

Pet Details

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