Kieran was part of two litters of kittens who were turned over to Pet Paw-see by their owner. They were well socialized when they were young, so they are all very friendly kittens!

Kieran is the runt of the litter but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She is full of energy, but also loves to sit on her foster mom’s lap and be the center of the attention while watching her fur siblings run around playing (Panda, Clover, Quinn, Quigley, Sky, Quade & Pandora). Kieran’s name means “little dark one.”

As of 6/15/2021, Kieran is approximately 9 weeks old.

ADOPTED 8/27/21!

Queen of the scratching post! Although my eyes look like they are two different colors in this photo, it is a trick of the lighting. Both my eyes are a beautiful green!
This is my sister Clover and I checking out our foster mom’s yoga block. How does our cat pose look?

Pet Details

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