🐾 Meet Kippy! 🐱

Kippy is a sweet and gentle orange tabby girl with a unique story. She was discovered at a farm, stuck in a dog feeder, which makes her journey to find a loving home all the more special.

At first glance, Kippy may appear shy, but beneath that reserved exterior is a heart full of potential for love and companionship. She just needs the right family to help her blossom into the confident and affectionate feline we know she can be.

Kippy is looking for a calm and patient household where she can truly come out of her shell. She might do well with other cats who can be her feline friends, but she’s not too sure about dogs. With some time and trust-building, Kippy could become your loyal and loving companion.

If you’re willing to offer Kippy a warm and nurturing forever home, please consider giving her the chance to be part of your family. Together, you can embark on a heartwarming journey of growth, love, and companionship.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in Kippy’s life. Contact us today to meet this beautiful orange tabby and let her be the sunshine in your home! 🌞🏡 #AdoptKippy #TabbyLove

Pet Details

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