🐾 Meet Peridot, a delightful brown tabby female kitten with a unique twist – her adorable bent ears, a gift from her Scottish Fold mom! Peridot is a gem among the rainbow kittens, born in May and named after beautiful gemstones.

This playful little feline is ready to add some sparkle to your life. She’s a bundle of energy, always up for a game of chase or a feathered toy to pounce on. Peridot’s lively spirit is sure to bring joy to any household.

Peridot is currently at the Great Falls PetSmart, where she’s getting all the care and attention she deserves. For her safety and the well-being of all involved, we’re looking for adopters without children under the age of six.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to Peridot, contact us today to arrange a meet-and-greet with this charming, ear-bending cutie! 💎🐱

Pet Details

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