🐾 Meet Citrine, the radiant brown tabby kitten with a heart full of playfulness! Born in May to a Scottish Fold mom, Citrine may not have inherited folded ears, but she’s certainly inherited the charm of her feline family.

Citrine is a precious gem among the Rainbow Gemstone Kittens, each named after a beautiful gemstone in the colors of the rainbow. Just like her namesake gem, Citrine is known for her bright and joyful spirit.

She’s currently at the Great Falls PetSmart where she’s honing her playful antics and winning hearts. Citrine is looking for a forever home where she can share her boundless energy and affection.

Please note that for the safety and well-being of both Citrine and her potential adopter, we kindly ask that families with children under the age of six consider other adorable kittens in our rescue. Citrine can’t wait to bring joy to the perfect family! 🌈🐱💕

Pet Details

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