In only 12 hours Kuma and Kana both realized they were not poor peasants, doomed to a life of struggle and danger, but rather royal-born princesses, deserving of endless food and cuddles. Now they are being waited on hand and foot while they wait to find their own castles in which to reside, and their personal kingdoms to rule.

Kuma is the white one, her name means “cloud” in Japanese. Kana is the gray, and her name means “powerful,” although the language origin isn’t clear on that one.
Their foster mom says, “I’ve had them for 5 days, and Kana is aptly named. She talks constantly, and is very assertive. Kumo is more reticent. They are both very tame and they purr when you pick them up, pet them or give them food.
Adopted October 13, 2020!

I’m Kumo’s sister Kana. I love to talk!
One of my first snuggle spots at my new foster home.

Pet Details

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