Little Lion

Leo was saved from the treacherous life of a feral cat, along with his tiny siblings Milo, Hazelnut, Stormi, and Luna. This clutter of kittens was found at the Highwood Trailer Court at 5 weeks old. Leo was the last to be tamed, but with time and patience, his foster mom performed the rescue miracle of socializing this wild boy into a friendly feline.

Leo is now very loving and and sweet. He’ll rub up against your legs to let you know he wants attention and love. He will PURR loudly when he’s with you. Leo’s favorite things: FOOD! … and to perch in a cat tree where he can survey his domain. (and nap!)

Leo is friendly to other cats, even when they hiss at him! He’s also been around a small dog.

My baby picture from October 2018.

Pet Details

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