**Meet Lila: A Beautiful Calico with a Heart Full of Hope**

Lila’s journey started in a challenging place. This beautiful calico kitten was found entangled in twine at a landfill, her life hanging by a thread. Fortunately, a kind rescuer found her just in time, cutting her free and giving her a second chance at life. Due to her injuries, Lila had to have one of her legs amputated, but this brave girl has shown incredible resilience and spirit.

Yesterday, Lila moved to her foster home, where she is beginning to adjust to her new life. Although she is not yet walking, Lila is making remarkable progress by scooting and hopping around. With love, time, and support, her foster family is confident that she will continue to thrive and shine.

Lila will do best in a quiet home where she can feel safe and secure. She needs a family who understands her special needs and can provide her with the gentle care and patience she deserves. Despite her rough start, Lila’s affectionate and sweet nature shines through, and she is sure to bring joy and love to her forever home.

If you are ready to open your heart and home to a kitten who has already overcome so much, Lila is waiting to meet you. Let’s help this courageous little one find the loving family she deserves. She is currently in a foster home so contact us to meet this amazing kitten.

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