My story started when I was a kitten. I was allowed to be an “indoor” kitten for the first 6 months of my life. But when my dad’s girlfriend moved in, I was moved to the outdoors.

I was allowed to free roam and I was called a “neighborhood” cat. An outdoor cat house was made for me to survive the cold evenings and winter. A number of people in the neighborhood allowed me to live in their garage, but I was still not allowed to be indoors or part of a family. This went on for years and years.

In May 2019, I left my neighborhood. The Pet Paw-see isn’t sure what happened. I was next found by my guardian angels, some caring employees of the Great Falls Clinic.

I was under a car, crying for help. I had endured the harsh brutal winter, but I couldn’t do it any longer. I was in too much pain!

My guardian angels put a box under the car and I curled into it. I was tired, shaking, and in need of medical help. I was taken to the vet and I had to have surgery to remove part of my frostbitten tail.  I have never lost my sweet personality even after having been through such difficult, painful times. I am looking for my own special family who will allow me to be an indoor kitty and who will love me for the rest of my days.

Adopted 10.5.19! ^..^

This is my first picture before I lost the tips of my frostbitten ears.
Lola’s tail was severely frostbitten and will have to be removed where tissue is dead.

Lola’s tail after amputation surgery.
Lola is losing the tips of her ears due to frostbite.
Lola at her foster home, May 2019. Look at those beautiful eyes!


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