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’Cause every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man! 

Hi, I’m Luther! How could you possibly resist a dapper gentleman like me, dressed in a fur tuxedo? The answer is (*drumroll, please*)…you can’t resist me! In fact, I already stole your heart while you were standing there swooning over how cute I am.

When I’m not busy stealing your heart, I love to play with crinkle toys and climb. In fact, I might have a secret ambition to scale Mount Everest someday, so a cat tree in my furrever home would be much appreciated. I also wouldn’t mind some canine or feline housemates–I’m a tiny but scrappy little man who can hold my own amongst my playmates. After a long day of looking classy and playing, I’d love cuddle up to you at night and purr sweet nothings in your ear!

How about you stop looking for your heart that I stole and start looking for my adoption application to fill out! You won’t even have to worry about dry cleaning my tuxedo—I can take care of that 😉.

Adopted February 21, 2020!

Luther playing at the Petco habitat January 4, 2020.
Photo taken late November 2019

Pet Details

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