Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

    -Dr. Seuss

Sweet Maizy is looking for someone who cares a whole awful lot. She is a prisoner of unfortunate circumstances—adopted and returned three times due to divorce, allergies, and a poor fit. She’s been through the wringer and heard all the excuses. It’s been well over a year since she was first returned to Pet Paw-see when her original family divorced and she is more than ready for a fur-ever home.

She’s an amazing girl who loves to be brushed, play, and snuggle. A very dedicated kitty who would prefer a home with no other pets and a human all her own. So, what do you say? Are you that someone who cares a whole awful lot? Can you make Maizy’s wish of a fur-ever home for the holidays come true?

If you do, please fill out an application here and call 406-231-1132 to schedule a meet and greet. Maizy would be SO grateful.

Adopted 12.19.2020!


Here’s a little more detail about Maizy:

🎶Straight up now tell me, do you really want to love me forever, oh oh oh🎶

Hi there, I’m Maizy! I’m a sweet, calm kitty, and I don’t mean to brag, but the Pet Paw-see volunteers tell me I am one of their favorites. Shhh….don’t let the other cats know 😉. I enjoy being petted and simply relaxing with you. I’m also a girly girl who loves to be primped and preened so I adore being brushed and having a human who will keep me looking gorgeous. I like to play with toys too, especially the dangly ones you can twirl all over and have me chase!

My perfect match is ….
I am looking for a home with a single man or woman, and no other humans or pets to compete with for affection. My ideal owner would also be an experienced “cat person” who understands feline behavior and body language. I also need a patient and compassionate human who will understand that after the turbulence I’ve experienced in my three short years on Earth, I may need some time to understand that I am safe and that you will not leave me after a brief time.

It’s complicated
You may be thinking, “Well, she sounds like a diva,” but let me explain. You see, I was born in 2017 and adopted as a kitten. However, my family split up and could not keep me, so I was returned to Pet Paw-see in July 2019. I then spent many months gazing longingly out the habitat doors, watching everyone walk by, wishing that today would be my day and my new family would find me. In April 2020, I thought my dream came true and I was adopted again by a lovely family. To my despair though, I was returned less than 24 hours later after the family discovered their child had a severe cat allergy. In June 2020, I was adopted a third time. Everyone held their breath and crossed their fingers for me. I tried my hardest to be the best girl ever. Ultimately though, the family decided I was not a good fit.

I am devastated, as are my friends at the Pet Paw-see. All this back and forth is very emotionally difficult on me. I try to be he sweetest, cutest little cat, and yet I am back in a cage again. I don’t understand why I am spending my nights all alone instead of cuddled up in a bed next to my person. I can’t comprehend why people fawn all over me, telling me how much they love me, only to leave me again after a short time. I’m starting to think humans have serious commitment issues. My world has been turned upside down three times now, and for that reason, I am upping my standards because I am determined to find my final forever home. I can’t bear to have my heart played with any longer.

If you think you are my perfect match, call the Pet Paw-see today. I promise to be the most dedicated gal pal who will fill your lonely days with joy and smiles. 😽💖!

Forever your girl,

Adoption pending

Maizy loves to play!
Maizy in August 2019
This is her original photo from 2017.

Pet Details

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