My fur-sister, Pixel and I were born with something called Cerebella Hypoplasia.  That means that something happened, often a maternal infection, while we were developing.  It has left us a little wobbly.  Mine is pretty mild.  My sister is worse than I am.  I will need special people who understand how to take care of me.  Don’t feel sorry for either of us, we don’t know that cats aren’t supposed to be wobbly.  It doesn’t hurt and it won’t get any worse.

A quieter home is probably best because it takes me a bit to get where I am going.

Check out this link for more info……

I’m currently in a foster home so contact the Pet Paw-See for a meet and greet.

Gentle reminder that it is Pet Paw-See policy that no kitten under the age of six months old is adopted to a family with children under the age of six years old. It’s for the safety of both the kitten and the children.


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