🐾 Meet Marias, a charming short-haired black female kitten with a heart as deep as the rivers of Montana. Marias and her siblings had a tough start, found under the scorching sun with someone trying to give them away. Thankfully, they were rescued and brought to Pet Pawsee.

Currently, Marias is in a loving foster home where she’s blossoming into a playful and confident little kitten. She’s learning to embrace the joys of kittenhood, and her charming personality is beginning to shine.

For the safety and well-being of both Marias and any potential adopter, we kindly request that adopters have no children under the age of six. This precaution ensures a peaceful and secure environment for Marias to thrive.

If you’re seeking a feline companion who’s as beautiful and unique as the Montana river she was named for, Marias might be the perfect addition to your family. Come meet this adorable kitten and give her the forever home she truly deserves.

Pet Details

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