🐾 Meet Maybelline, the enchanting long-haired brown tabby princess!

Maybelline’s journey began as a tiny adventurer, found in a woodpile in a kind soul’s backyard. She’s blossomed into the regal ruler of her foster home, where her confident and fearless spirit shines brightly.

One of her favorite royal pastimes is perching on your shoulder, making you feel like the most important person in the kingdom. She’s quite the climber, gracefully ascending your legs and back to claim her throne.

Maybelline’s captivating charm is truly fit for royalty, but we must ensure her safety and the harmony of her future kingdom. As such, we kindly request that potential adopters have no children under the age of six in their realm. Maybelline deserves a loving and tranquil castle to reign over.

If you’re ready to provide a forever home to this majestic feline, get in touch with us today. Maybelline is ready to grace your life with her presence and steal your heart with her majestic aura! 👑🐱

Pet Details

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