One Blue Eye / One Gold Eye!

Milford is a handsome ginger and white boy who showed up in a rural area about 10 miles southwest of Great Falls. Luckily he walked right into a cat-friendly garage and made himself at home. His guardian angel couldn’t keep him, so the Pet Paw-see is going to help this super-affectionate little guy find a loving, indoor home. We sure wish we knew his story. He came to us as an intact male, estimated to be about 2 years old. Why he hadn’t been neutered yet and why he was wandering around outdoors and perhaps was trying to survive in the horrid 30-below weather we might never know.

He’s now neutered and passed his wellness exam with flying colors other than a case of stud tail. This greasy condition from an enlargement of the oil glands near the base of a cat’s tail is most often seen in intact males. We shaved his tail to clean it thoroughly; his beautiful fur will grow back clean and fluffy.

If you’d like a cat that LOVES to be loved, Milford is your guy. He came to the Pet Paw-see spay/neuter clinic and charmed all of our volunteers with his winning personality. He took his new circumstances in stride and showed everyone how to make biscuits all the while purring up a storm. He’s now hanging out at Happy Tails. Contact us if you’d like to meet this affectionate fellow.

Milford has a striking coat. His tail was shaved because he had a bad case of stud tail. It will grow out and be beautiful and clean.
Milford showing off his friendly demeanor on the day he first saw our veterinarian and got his first medical care. About a week later he was having digestive issues and had to spend some more time getting medical care.

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