Momma Ayra

🐾 Meet Momma Ayra 🐱

Momma Ayra’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. She was discovered by a kind landfill employee, who couldn’t ignore her desperate plea for help. Little did they know, Ayra was not alone – she had precious kittens waiting for her.

This resilient young adult female cat was whisked away to a caring vet, where it became clear she was a dedicated mom on a mission. With unwavering determination, she led rescuers back to her kittens, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Now, Momma Ayra’s kittens are thriving, and it’s her turn to find a loving home. She’s currently residing at the Great Falls PetSmart, patiently waiting for a family to call her own.

🌟 About Momma Ayra:
– Age: Young Adult
– Gender: Female
– Background: Landfill survivor turned devoted mom
– Temperament: Loving, resilient, and nurturing
– Ideal Home: A loving family willing to provide the care and attention this remarkable feline deserves.

Momma Ayra’s story is a testament to her strength and devotion. Are you the forever home she’s been searching for? Come meet her at Great Falls PetCot and be a part of her heartwarming journey to a brighter future. 🏡❤️ #AdoptMommaAyra #RescueCat #GreatFallsPetCo

Pet Details

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