Mr. Zen

Mr. Zen A.K.A. Zennie is true to his name–super easygoing and laidback, as well as very affectionate. He is a senior black Scottish Fold neutered male. He is ALL about the love–he loves to give and receive LOTS of love! He adores being groomed and is very fond of his treats. He’s so very easy to please. If you’re looking for a calm, happy, loving guy, then Mr. Zen is the man! He is good with other cats, although he is FIV+ so he would need a home with other calm cats who get along (FIV can only be passed between cats–not to humans, dogs, or other animals. It is transmitted between cats through deep bites which is why other resident cats must be as cool, calm, and collected as the epic Mr. Zen! For more info on Mr. Zen, see Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – Pet Paw-See).

The master of zen at your service!

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