orange tabby kitten

Introducing Nala the Parkour Kitten! Nala is a sweet and spicy ginger kitten that is a constantly moving ball of fun! She is strong, smart and fast. She is very talented at running, jumping, spinning, and twisting. She can be trained if kitty treats are involved. She will bring the mice she catches (mouse cat toy filled with catnip) to your bed to show you her affection. She will need to be played with a few times over the day. Her attention can be held with kitty toys especially like cat treat eggs, peek a prize toy box, cat prize board, egg-ercizer, balled up paper, fishing pole catnip fish, basically any kind of toy that challenges her hunting skills and intellect.  Nala needs to be an only cat. She gets along with dogs once she gets to know them. Once she is tired out she loves to lay on her people for a good nap. She likes to sleep with her people at bedtime too. If she gets locked in play mode, she does have a calm down button. To find it you just gently cup her back of her head in your hand and with your thumb pet on the top of her nose. Nice, slow, calm motions. This will calm her right down. Nala is a very entertaining and very sweet kitten that will surely provide fun, entertainment and love to her furrever home!

Pet Details

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