Navin was spotted out by the soft ball fields south of town. His Guardian Angel tried numerous times to help him, but he would run. He made it thru the horrible February 2019 Polar Vortex but it took a toll on his body. One day his Guardian Angel was able to coax him to trust her.  Then Pet Paw-see was contacted.  He had wounds and his ears had frostbite so that’s why his ears are rounded like a little teddy bear. He was so skinny his age could not be determined. He’s healed up, residing at Petco, and waiting for his forever home.

This boy is super shy, but he is very affectionate when he trusts you. Adopted 8.31.19

Don’t you love my Teddy Bear ears? Photo taken July 13, 2019.
Here I am hiding in my cardboard shelter at the vet clinic back in April 2019. I’m getting stronger every day and my ears are healing.
I’m skinny and have wounds on my body. My ears have been frostbitten.

Pet Details

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