Norman: Parkdale’s Most Eligible Bachelor Ready to Settle Down with Purr-fect Fur-ever Family

Why hello there! My name is Norman. Yes, yes, the rumors you’ve heard about me are true. I was found running the streets of Parkdale with my lady friends, Ambrea and Theodosia. But since the Pet Paw-see rounded us up and taught me what the life of a refined indoor gentleman is like, I’ve decided I’m ready to leave my bachelor days behind me. Yep. No more scrounging through the trash for my meals or spending a night curled up on the cold hard pavement. Laps of luxury and an endless flow of cat food, here I come!

Now that I’m ready to find that purr-fect fur-ever family, what am I looking for, you ask? Well, I’m sort of the strong, silent type. Independent. A bit shy. Still trying to figure out how to navigate my way through this new chapter of my life. So, I think a calm home is probably best. One with some patience as I learn to come out of my shell, and a man cave to tuck myself away in when I need a break. One with love and lots of kitty treats probably wouldn’t hurt either…food is the best way to a guy’s heart after all. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it? Interested?

Come see me at Petco or hurry up and call the Pet Paw-see before I get cold paws and rethink this whole family man thing! 

Norman hanging out at Petsmart.

Norman in his safe zone.


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