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Hi, I’m Oprah, or, as one volunteer affectionately calls me, “Big O.” Sure I’m a little fluffy in the midsection…2019 was a stressful year for me, so can you blame me for being an emotional eater? You see, I became an orphan this summer when my daddy passed away, and not only did I lose him, but I also lost my home and everything I had come to know as familiar😿. So when I came to Petco, I was very scared initially…bright lights, loud noises, strange cats, strange people popping in and out all the time! It was overwhelming at first, but the ladies say I am resilient and have really blossomed lately.
I don’t mean to brag, but my best trait is that I’m a huge LOVER (no pun intended)! When they open my door, I greet them with a kiss and a head nuzzle, then politely ask for a lift to the counter where I revel in being pet and loved on! I try to convince the humans that they don’t need to clean and should just spend all their time petting me, but I haven’t gotten them to buy into that one quite yet.

I LOVE catnip too😻. If they turn their backs while the toy drawer is open, I’ve been known to hop in and pilfer some catnip toys. I’ve also been known to “redecorate” the counter with my big booty as I roll around in bliss with said catnip toys!

Do you need an office assistant? I’m really great at supervising the humans and “helping” with paperwork as well😹. In fact, I’d love to help you fill out my adoption application!
So what do you say? Will you help me make my 2020 better than my 2019 and give me a home to call my own? I’ll reward you with endless nuzzles and kisses! I promise, I’ll make your rockin world go round, so come visit me at Petco 🥰!
XOXO, Oprah

ADOPTED March 16, 2020!

Oprah’s photo from 2013.

Pet Details

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