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Three’s a charm

Three-legged black Panther had been living with her “squitten” brother Bobo in the same loving home for all their 12 years, but sadly their person has fallen on hard times and had to give them up. This is a big change for the kitties. Panther is quite scared right now, but with time she will adjust. Panther and Bobo are in a loving foster home now. They can be adopted together or separately.

Panther was missing her left rear leg since birth, so she adapted to her different abilities right from the start. She gets around very well.

You can help a three-legged cat. For example: “Give scratches. If your cat is missing a hind leg, she won’t be able to scratch her ear or neck on that side of her body when it gets itchy. You may see her trying to scratch with her phantom leg. Pitch in by scratching the itchy spot for her.”

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Adopted March 31, 2021


Pet Details

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