This rough-looking but gentle soul came to a home near Ulm asking for help. He’s super sweet as most orange tabbies are, but unlike most cats, Paws is a polydactyl on all four paws.

He’s had a rough time in the past, having suffered frostbite on his ear tips and an injury to one of his eyes. His coat was terribly matted so he’s been shaved. We look forward to seeing him grow back a beautiful coat while he recuperates.

When we first met Paws, we thought he was a senior. Turns out, he’s only about four years old! Would you be willing to give this guy a safe, loving home? What a change that would be after whatever he’s gone through up until now. We’re sure he’d show his gratitude with lots of kitty love!

Adopted 9.16.2020!

I had to be shaved because my coat was so matted, but before long I’ll be one handsome LION King.
I have some BIG paws! I’m a POLYDACTYL on all four feet.
My back foot!


I really needed help. The Pet Paw-see thought I was a senior at first. I’m only about 4 years old!

Pet Details

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