Unfortunately, my story is all to common.  I was found outside just trying to survive as a little kitten.  I am way to little to make it on my own.  Luckily, a kind human rescued me.  I was extremely underweight with a upper respiratory infection.

Right now I am too sick to play but I just know that once I am healthy, I will be a playful girl who recognizes how cool some people can be.

I’m currently recovering at the vet so contact the Pet Paw-See if you would like to meet me.  And as soon as I’m better, I’ll be at Saturday adoption events so keep on eye on the Pet Paw-See Facebook page.

Gentle reminder that it is Pet Paw-See policy that no kitten under the age of six months old is adopted to a family with children under the age of six years old. It’s for the safety of both the kitten and the children.

Pet Details

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