Pheodosia: America’s Sweetheart

Hi, friends! I’m Pheodosia! Comin’ to you straight outta Parkdale where I was picked up by the Pet Paw-see along with my buddies Norman and Ambrea. I’m a young female cat waiting for my fur-ever home. Every day I sit here in the PetSmart habitat looking out the windows for my new best friend. Sometimes I think I spot THE ONE and I excitedly run to the door…only to have them keep on walking! Can you believe the nerve? They just don’t understand the awesomeness they are missing.

I am a busy bee with a friendly and outgoing personality that will knock your socks off! Perhaps you work at home? I love to help my human friends when they work in the habitat, so I’m positive I’d make the most excellent office assistant and morale booster. Have you seen my videos on Facebook—I even DO TRICKS! I’m like a dog in cat’s clothing…except I’m better than a dog because I won’t chew your shoes or poop on your floor! I’m one of those rare phenomena you have to see to believe, so what are you waiting for? Hurry on in to PetSmart to meet me!

Adopted 6.12.2020

Pet Details

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