Little Pouncival was found Friday morning by a friend of the Pet Paw-see. This little ball of fluff was rushed to the vet to be checked. He was only 7/10 of a pound and very underweight for his age of @5 weeks. (You wouldn’t know it to look at this picture, but you could feel all his bones.) 

We don’t know why Pouncival was lying in a yard in the Bootlegger Trail area. No littermates were found. Sadly, sometimes kittens and cats are abandoned “out in the country” rather than turning unwanted babies into a shelter or rescue. This is cruel. They cannot fend for themselves.

Pouncival knew love for the short time he was with his Pet Paw-see rescuers. He died Saturday morning after another rush to the vet. Sadly, his little body just couldn’t cope with whatever hardships and starvation he’d been through before he was found.

We are grateful for the people who care enough to call us when they find a feline in need. The volunteers who foster for Pet Paw-see make rescue possible.

RIP little Pouncival. We loved you. 😿

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