Pretty Prue and a Series of Unfortunate Events

Hello, I’m Prue, a stunning black beauty with silky, long, inky fur and enchanting yellow/green eyes. I was born in 2017, and in my few short years on Earth, it would be an understatement to say I have had a hard knock life. It began as a stray kitten living under The Hideout where I was rescued by the Pet Paw-see. I was adopted out but returned a short time later when my human fell on difficult times and became homeless. When I came back, my beautiful fur coat was matted and I was suffering from a painful case of dental disease.The Pet Paw-see spiffed me back up to the gorgeous gal I am now, but sadly I lost all but four of my teeth. And now….now I’ve been waiting for my new family for what seems like fur-ever 😿.

With all that upheaval, I have been understandably shy and hesitant. The ladies here even accuse me of having “resting grump face.” But how can you blame me after all I’ve been through?! A lady like me with a reserved personality can’t help but get a bit overwhelmed with unfamiliar people and animals coming and going, foreign loud sounds, and bright fluorescent lights. Lately though, I’ve started to come out of my shell, venturing out of my cage to perch atop the cat tree and showering affectionate nuzzles upon familiar faces.

I would absolutely blossom in a quiet home, where I could let my fur down, take a deep breath, and finally  be able to relax a little. I’ve been waiting so very long for a human to call my own that I would love to be your only pet, the object of ALL of your affection. I am looking for a cat lover with a slow hand and a compassionate heart to finally give me the break in life I deserve. Someone to brush me and help me keep my elegant fur in tip-top shape. Someone to understand that maybe I need a little “me” time to sit by myself in the cat tree. Someone to understand that occasionally I might get a little overstimulated and give “love bites” (lucky you that I only have 4 teeth 😸). Someone to have patience while I adjust and learn that I’ll never have to worry again about what tomorrow might bring. You may be reading this and think I’m high maintenance, but hey, a girl’s got to have standards!

I’ve been waiting for that special fur-ever family for a long time now, and it really hurts my little kitty heart that I keep getting passed over. Is it because I’m not a kitten anymore? Am I an unfortunate victim of black cat syndrome where silly humans think we black cats are bad luck? *Sigh* I wish I knew, it’s starting to give me a complex! If you think you have what it takes to be my hero and give me that home I’ve been wishing for, stop in and visit me at PetSmart or call the Pet Paw-see to discover the precious Prue hiding behind this grump face!

Prue found her new people February 19, 2021! We are thrilled for this girl who has been waiting SO LONG!

My “bliss face” when I get petted just the right way.
Adam understands my quirks and pets me in the right way. I’m very particular.


I love hanging out on the cat tree.
Photo taken 1.4.2020
This is what the Pet Paw-see volunteers call my “resting grump face.”
Prue in her foster home back in 2017.
black kitten
Prue’s baby picture from August 2017.

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