Prue has been returned to the Pet Paw-see because her person became homeless. She started with us as a kitten in 2017, so she’s two years old now. Prue is a long-haired black beauty. She’ll need a forever home with lots of love and a willingness to help her care for her fur, so it won’t get matted, as it was when she came back to us. She also had a lot of dental issues and needed to have her teeth removed. However, cats do just fine without teeth!


Looking for love in all the right places

Prue is short for Prudence. Ladies of the night like me who hang out at the Hideout Lounge need a short name so the boys can remember it. However, I’m no longer a loose woman because the Pet Paw-see had a sting operation that swept me, my “sisters” and our gentlemen friends into the paddy wagon. We’re all reformed, proper young ladies and gentlemen now, but we’re still looking for love, if you know what I mean. 😉

Prue in her foster home back in 2017.
black kitten
Prue’s baby picture from August 2017.