🐾 Meet Quinn! 🖤

Quinn is a brave little black kitten who, along with his brother, was rescued from a landfill. Although he’s still a bit shy, his time in a loving foster home has helped him learn to trust people. Quinn’s playful spirit shines through when he’s chasing springs and other kitten toys.

He’s slowly warming up to the idea of cuddles and is learning to respond to the classic “here kitty kitty.” However, please note that we’re looking for adopters without children under the age of six. This precaution ensures both Quinn’s safety and the child’s.

If you’re ready to offer Quinn a patient and caring forever home, please get in touch with us. Your love and support can help this sweet kitten continue to blossom into the wonderful companion he’s destined to be. 🏡❤️🐱

What a handsome black panther!
Quinn’s baby picture

Pet Details

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