🐾 Meet Ripples! 🐱

Looking for a furry friend who adores people? Look no further! Ripples is a charming gray tabby and white older kitten with luxurious long hair and an enchanting fluffy tail. This sweet girl’s heart is filled with love for humans, making her the perfect companion for a loving family.

Ripples is a playful soul who enjoys every moment spent with her human friends. She’s been around cats and a quiet dog in her foster home.  However, she might prefer a calm and peaceful environment and may not be the best match for rambunctious or energetic dogs. She was returned to our program after struggles with adapting to the family dog.

You can find Ripples waiting to steal your heart at the Great Falls Petsmart. Don’t miss the chance to make her a part of your family and enjoy her delightful company every day! 🏡❤️

Pet Details

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