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March 12, 2021:

We received some incredible news about Roland this afternoon! He is FIV NEGATIVE!!
Every cat that comes in to the Pet Paw-See Program is tested by a Vet for FIV/FELV using a standard SNAP test. Most Vets use this test unless asked otherwise. When Roland was tested a few months ago using the SNAP test, he tested positive. We decided to have a more in-depth test done called a PCR test as some SNAP tests can give false positives and sure enough, Roland is NEGATIVE!
Please do your own research, but as to our understanding, a SNAP test is quick and only tests for the FIV antibodies. So if a cat has a false positive, this could possibly mean the cat was vaccinated for FIV at one point and the test picked up the antibodies from that vaccine. There are a few other ways a false positive could happen, so please research if you’re interested.
A PCR test must be sent off to a lab and takes a few days but it is very accurate as it tests for DNA. Roland tested negative with the PCR test which means he currently does not carry and has never carried the virus.
YAY ♥️🥰🐱
If you have a kitty who has tested positive for FIV using a SNAP test, please get them retested using a PCR test for more accurate results.

Roland’s bio: 

This handsome tuxedo was wandering around looking for help during the severe winter weather of late October 2020. He’s already neutered and a very friendly boy. He does great with other cats and dogs, but because he plays really rough, a home with young children isn’t a good idea. Keep scrolling for more cute pics of Roland.

Great News! Roland was adopted June 12, 2021.

Maybe you still want INFO about FIV (even though ROLAND TESTS NEGATIVE NOW!)

Cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred. Although the virus is slow-acting, a cat’s immune system is severely weakened once the disease takes hold. This makes the cat susceptible to various secondary infections. Infected cats who receive supportive medical care and are kept in a stress-free, indoor environment can live relatively comfortable lives for months to years before the disease reaches its chronic stages.

Many people confuse FIV with feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Although these diseases are in the same retrovirus family and cause many similar secondary conditions FeLV and FIV are different diseases.

Read more about FIV here.

I’m quite comfortable lounging around in my foster home. I get along with the other cats here!

Roland sports his Halloween collar at one of our adoption events.

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