🐾 Meet Rosita from the Cinco de Meow Meow litter! 🎉

Rosita is a charming female tuxedo kitten with a heart as big as her purr! She arrived at Pet Paw-see in May and has been spreading joy ever since. This little lady is known for her incredibly loud and soothing purrs, which are sure to melt your heart.

Her favorite pastime is playing with plastic springs, and she can entertain herself for hours with them. Watching her pounce and play is a true delight! Rosita is currently staying at the Great Falls Petco, eagerly awaiting her forever home.

Although not as high energy as her brother, Juan, she still is very playful and would do well in a busy home.

If you’re looking for a furry companion who will fill your home with love and purrs, Rosita is the one for you. Come meet her at Great Falls Petco today! 🐱❤️ #AdoptRosita #CincoDeMeowMeow

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