🐾 Meet Rufio! 🐾

Rufio is a charming gray male kitten with a heart full of love to share! His favorite thing in the world? Well, that would be those incredibly satisfying head and back pets. Rufio can’t get enough of them! He’ll purr up a storm to let you know just how much he appreciates the attention.

This little chatterbox is particularly vocal during mealtimes, expressing his delight with adorable meows and purrs. Rufio is not just a furry companion; he’s a conversationalist too!

When it comes to affection, Rufio takes the lead. He’s always rubbing up against his foster mom, showing just how much he enjoys being close. Whether it’s cuddle time or playtime, Rufio is your go-to kitten for all things affectionate.

One remarkable trait about Rufio is his compatibility with both dogs and cats. He’s a social butterfly who can seamlessly integrate into a multi-pet household, making him an ideal addition to a loving family.

For the safety and well-being of both Rufio and his potential adopters, we recommend families without children under the age of 6. Rufio’s exuberance might not align with the delicate nature of younger children, ensuring a harmonious and happy home for everyone.

If you’re ready to open your heart and home to this delightful ball of fur, contact us to meet Rufio.  He’s eagerly waiting to bring joy and love into your life! 🐾💕

Rufio in December 2023 at his foster home.
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