My name means little bear in Navajo. I was a kitten who was being forced to work. I’m too little to work for my food. I was expected to catch mice as my only source of nutrition. And it just wasn’t working. I was slowly starving to death. Luckily an employee of the people who had me rescued me and contacted the Pet Paw-See. I am a sweet girl who just wants to live in a home where I can catch toy mice for fun and know there’s a bowl of food for me and lots of love every day

I am currently in a foster home. Please contact the Pet Paw-See if you would like to meet me. And keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when I might be at a Saturday adoption event.

Gentle reminder that it is Pet Paw-See policy that no kitten under the age of six months old is adopted to a family with children under the age of six years old. It’s for the safety of both the kitten and the children.

Pet Details

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