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A Diamond in the Scruff

Good day, I’m Scruffy! To look at me now with my smiling, teddy bear face and majestic long fur coat, you’d probably be shocked to hear that I was in dire straits not too long ago. You see, I was born into a feral colony about four years ago, but when our colony caretaker became ill, we were faced with the harsh reality of surviving on our own. Feral is a hard way of life—we only live 2-5 years on average compared to the 12-15 years of a domesticated indoor feline. By the time I was rescued, I was very sick with a matted, dirty coat. My rescuers feared the worst, but with their diligent TLC, I pulled through and made an amazing recovery.

I am far from your typical feral—my colony caretaker petted me from the time I was a kitten, so I was accustomed to human touch and interaction. That, coupled with my rescue and recovery, gave me a deep-seated appreciation and gratitude towards the human race. I’m so patient and well-mannered that I even get A+ reports from the groomer! Not many cats can say that!

Since being rescued, I’ve come to love all the finer things of the indoor cat life: lots of pets, snuggling in blankets, being brushed, playing, and vicariously hunting birds and squirrels from my window perch! If you’re looking for a low-key guy, I’m also content to just sit next to you on the couch and chat about life …. including telling you all the ways I adore you. They tell me there’s something better than an indoor home though…they call it a fur-ever home. I’m not sure what that is, but from the sounds of it, I’d sure love a fur-ever home all my own!

I’ve come a long way from being a diamond in the scruff to a handsome gentleman with a heart of gold. I know you’re looking at my picture, daydreaming about peppering my fluffy face with ALL the sweet kisses, so don’t hesitate to call my friends at Pet Paw-see and schedule a meet and greet! A precious gem like me surely won’t last long 😉.

Adopted 7.20.2020!

What a cute face on this little lap cat!

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