🐾 Meet Senna 🖤

Senna is a striking young adult, short-haired black cat with a heartwarming story. She began her journey as a tiny, vulnerable kitten, rescued from an uncertain fate when someone stole her from her mom, who was living in an abandoned house and attempted to sell her on Snapchat.  It’s suspected that her mother was a feral cat, instilling in her a sense of resilience and curiosity.

Despite her challenging start, Senna is the embodiment of an easy-going and affectionate feline companion. She adores human company and has been patiently waiting for her forever home for an entire year. Senna’s gentle demeanor makes her the perfect addition to any family, and she’s especially fond of snuggling up with her fellow feline friends.

Currently, Senna resides in a loving foster home, where she continues to shine and show her true colors. If you’re looking for a loving, adaptable, and delightful companion, Senna might just be the perfect cat for you. Come meet her today and give her the loving home she deserves. 🏡🐱 #AdoptSenna #RescueCat

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