🐾 Meet Shadow! 🌟

Shadow is not your ordinary cat; she’s a remarkable 11-year-old senior with a unique story to tell. This beautiful black kitty, sporting a distinctive ear notch, had quite the journey before finding her way to the Pet Paw-see.

Originally part of a feral cat colony, Shadow was spayed and marked with that special ear notch. Her life took a turn when her pet parent passed away in April 2021. Since then, she’s been on a quest to find her forever home, and we believe she deserves nothing but the best.

Shadow’s personality is as enchanting as her appearance. She may be slightly nervous, but once she warms up to you, her sweetness shines through. Lap cuddles are her absolute favorite, and she’ll reward you with an amazing purr that seems to never end when she’s comfortable in your presence.

However, it’s essential to understand her quirks. Shadow is a bit wary of sudden, big movements, so a calm and patient household would be the best fit for her. She’s not a fan of other cats or dogs, so she would thrive as the sole feline in your home. Surprises are not her thing, so a predictable environment would help her feel safe and secure.

One of Shadow’s indulgences is being brushed, a delightful activity that she adores. With time and patience, she’ll become your devoted companion. To ensure her happiness, an experienced cat enthusiast would be the ideal adopter.

Currently in a loving foster home, Shadow is waiting for that special someone who can provide her with the forever home she truly deserves. If you’re ready to open your heart to this senior sweetheart, please consider giving Shadow the loving home she’s been searching for. 💕🐱 #AdoptShadow #SeniorCatLove

Clearly tasty treats might be a good way to this sweet girl’s heart!
Shadow settling in to her surroundings.
Shadow when she first came to us, a little scared and unsure about her change in circumstance.


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