Shaiasia (pronounced shy-e-sha) is a female kitten who was found tangled in a fence. By the time she was discovered, her leg was cold and dangling. There was substantial strangulation/damage to her leg. It may need to be amputated, but we will see if blood flow to the leg improves at all over the next few days before making that decision.

UPDATE 8/8/21: Shaiasia is doing well. Compression wraps have been placed on her leg which are helping the swelling to go down. She is semi-feral but seems to be starting to trust.

UPDATE 8/20/21: The compression wraps did not help as much as we had hoped and her leg was amputated. Luckily many cats adapt to a three legged lifestyle without missing a beat and sweet Shaiasia is no exception! She is recovering in a foster home and looking for her forever home. She is shy but warming up to humans; once you gain her trust, you have quite the little purr machine on your hands (check out her videos below)!

ADOPTED 9/22/21!

This pretty little lady was a bit scared when she first came to us!
She is a feral however look at her picture…”look no hands”! She must be starting to trust.

Shaiasia in her foster home learning that cuddling might not be so bad!
Shaiasia recovering in the loving arms of her foster family.
Shaiasia snuggling with the foster family.
This little girl loves her belly rubs

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