🐾 Meet our adorable Lynx Point Siamese male kitten Shijia, a survivor with a heart of gold! This little guy was discovered near a fencing company, proving that he’s got the spirit of a true explorer. He may think he’s a tough tiger with his occasional roars, but underneath that bravado, he’s a softie at heart.

He’s a purr-fect blend of cuddly and playful – ready to steal your heart with his affectionate snuggles and endless energy for playtime. Whether it’s chasing feathered toys or batting at string, he’s always up for a good time.

Currently, he’s thriving in a loving foster home, where he’s learning the ropes of being a fantastic companion. Please note that we’re looking for adopters without children under the age of six to ensure the safety and comfort of both this sweet kitten and your little ones. If you’re seeking a feline friend who’s equal parts fierce and affectionate, this Lynx Point Siamese is your match made in heaven. Come meet him today and be prepared to fall in love! 🐱❤️

Pet Details

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